Cheese Heaven Taste: Kumori

Presenting to you, cheese lovers like me, my favorite discovery in Landmark Makati!

I was up for personal cooking essentials shopping one day, when I stumbled upon this Japanese kiosk at Landmark’s food courtβ€” oh it got me at cheese ❀️.


Cheese tarts are quite popular now, so I gave it a try.

Kumori’s cheese tart popped into my mouth at first bite! (No kidding. I’m not paid to post this. πŸ˜‚ Haha.) Since then, I make sure to buy at least one when I go somewhere near Landmark, or better yet, I really go to Landmark for this.

After sometime of getting addicted to their cheese tart, I tried purchasing another gem at their store.

Hanjuku cheese cake β€” if cheese tart pops into my mouth, this one melts. It’s half baked and made with premium cream cheese. Oh, there’s a chocolate version too of the original.


I now usually buy one (P60) or two cheese tart plus an original Hanjuku cheese (P50). What a perfect match! This could only take you seconds to finish though.

Enjoy and give it a try at Landmark Makati or SM Makati basement level.


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