Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

Last Friday, our department held its team building at Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa, which is located at Alviar Compound, Purok 1, Brgy. Tadlac, Los Banos, Laguna 4030, Philippines. Going here is an easy way to have a good view of both the Alligator Lake and the ever famous Mount Makiling, since most of the surrounding spots are already privately owned.

A full view of Laresio from the raft floating in the middle of Alligator Lake. Behind this, is the ever famous Mount Makiling.

There are a lot of activities you can do at this place, but I suggest you to come early to be first in line. Activities start by 7am. Taking turns may take longer than usual depending on the number of visitors on that day.

Here you can see the zip line trail from above up to the raft in the middle of the lake.


You would be required to wear a life vest for your safety, before you can start any activity (of course except in wall climbing and rappelling). Before you can start zip lining, you will be asked to wait for the raft to return in the middle of the lake. It’s where you will be landing and be waiting for the rest of the people to finish (raft’s capacity is up to 20 people). After, you will be returned back with the help of the two “kuyas” who manually pulls the raft towards the land with a use of a rope. What I’m concerned is that they use no gloves!


While waiting for the others to finish the zip line, you may savor the view and/or swim in the cold water Alligator Lake. No alligators though, I swear.

Expect a lot of falling, jumping, and splashing from other activities such as cliff diving, Blob (Jump ‘n’ Fly), Slip and Fly, Vine Swing, and Russian Swing.


There’s also an island next to Laresio that you can visit for sight seeing or picnic via raft or kayak. 


Kayaking would take 30 mins at maximum for you to reach the island. I’ve seen people who made it faster. It will just really depend on how fast and correctly you could do it.


Waiting for your turn to have an available kayak would be more longer than actually conquering the lake. I regret not waking up early, and missing to visit this island. This shot was taken from the raft after I finished the zip line.

My friends who were able to visit the island said it was nice and chill. A very good place to rest under the trees and have picnic maybe.



The raft after zip line will transport you back here. You will also land here, if you decide to try Slide and Fly.  Just be careful and try to land good, or else you’ll end up having bruises for landing bad in the water.

You can also play basketball in the middle of the lake. How cool is that? Just be careful not to slip.


You are very welcome to do a day tour, if you only want to experience these extreme activities, but if a day is not enough for you, you may opt to avail their overnight packages instead. I honestly did not like their rest rooms and rooms very much (compared to other resorts we have have visited from the previous team buildings), but the activities and the numerous available swimming pools got it even with. Their rooms though are comparably cheap and can accommodate up to at least 6 people. Something good for barkada staycation.

So I’m still giving them:

  • Overall rating: 4/5
  • Instagram worthy: 3/5

How to go there? Contact numbers for reservations? Here’s a photo grab from their site.

You may visit them as well at for their detailed packages.

Enjoy, go extreme, and don’t forget to not leave trashes on the lake!


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