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Why do I hate mallows? 

I just do. I’m not a fan of mallows.
I can chew and swallow them if I have to, but if I have a choice, I wouldn’t.

What about this blog?

I started this blog when I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts (June 4, 2014). Reasons for deactivating? Let’s make a post for that in the future. This is my scratchpad for my thoughts and ideas. Posts can be really boring, random, personal, non-sense, and non-relatable depending on you. This serves as my time machine, too. I write about the past, present, and the future. It could be in any tense, and I don’t care if it makes sense.

I don’t publish every posts on the date it was written. I use varying tenses.

If you are an old flame or someone I liked, don’t feel special just because I wrote about you. I may have used present tense, but if everything is in the past now, it’s clearly IN THE PAST now. Don’t worry I’m keeping you anonymous, I’m not Taylor Swift (love her and her songs).

I pretend to have no reader. I would like my posts to be honest as they can be.

If we know each other in “real” life, let’s not talk about personal posts in here especially if I haven’t mentioned it to you. Just pretend you haven’t read that post, and you’ll prevent me from feeling embarrassed. 🙂



8 thoughts

  1. Hi Ivy! I love your header. I absolutely loved Eleanor and Park. And I have been thinking about deactivating my facebook too for the longest time. Haha. Nice to meet you.


  2. hello Ivy seems like we have same sentiments. I want to express my thoughts and anything that i can think of. I am also thinking about deactivating my Facebook account and twitter, i feel like wasting my time and reading posts that i must not read. I’m just here to express and discover something new. btw, love your cover.


    1. Hi! Thanks. I really agree with this, “i feel like wasting my time and reading posts that i must not read.”. This is one of my reasons I deactivated my accounts. Yea, I think we have same sentiments. 🙂


      1. ok. i’m starting to love you 😀 i love people who deeply know what my sentiments are, we just don’t alike with the mallows, I love them especially when i’m stressed. forgive my grammar and sent. construction i am not good at this :0


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