The Author

I realized I had to put something on this page. It took me more than month, because it felt like this:


Okay, I’ll try. Here it goes…

Hi. I’m IvyYea, just “Ivy”. You probably wouldn’t remember my real name, get the pronunciation right, or remember how it’s correctly spelled (my brother doesn’t), so let’s just stick with my nickname. I have a lot of nicknames. I was born with this nickname, so I prefer this. 

I like to write informally. I feel like the ideas are being squeezed out of me crookedly when I am forced to write, or when the topic is very serious. I just can’t be that serious in real life too. So pardon the grammar (I’m really not that confident, and I’m trying) and the non-relatable posts I make.

I know less in technicalities in photography, and I just shoot instinctively. I’d rather call myself a photo enthusiast than an amateur photographer.  I love photos very much. It’s amazing how they show stories at different angles, time, light, and color.

I’m a fan of music, arts, and film. I’m not very particular about what type or genres I want. If the vibe fits in, I’ll like it. I can be very random.

I’m sentimental. I get heartbroken when my hard drives crash, and my photo & video stash gets deleted permanently (who doesn’t).

I still don’t know myself well, I guess. I’ll update this page when I get to discover something new or not new. Uhm, this is it.

I really tried.


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